The history of Bulgarian lev

Want to know more about when it was first introduced, the Bulgarian lev? It is interesting how you looked first bill put into circulation? This article will discuss the introduction of the Bulgarian lev and will follow its progress over the years.

Lev is accepted Bulgarian currency shortly after the liberation of the Principality of Bulgaria. On June 4, 1880 was adopted Law on the right of rezanie coins in the principality, and the next year were minted the first coins. This law determines the amount of gold, silver and copper in various coins and limits the total money supply to 15 million. Lev. At that time, Lev has a value equal to that of the French franc.

The first Bulgarian banknote with nominal value of 20 lev and was issued in 1885. This is confirmed by its serial number №000001:


The First Bulgarian Banknote Frontside

And here’s what they looked like some of the first Bulgarian banknote:


Bulgarian lev in the Kingdom of Bulgaria (1908-1946) seemed like::

1BGN191620BGN1916100BGN1922500BGN19221000BGN19225000BGN1924100BGN192550BGN192550000BGN1997 5000BGN1925200BGN1943

Banknotes at the time of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria (1945 – 1991):


Bulgarian lev from 1991 till today:


More interesting information about the history of the Bulgarian lev over the years can be found in specially issued Product Bulgarian National Bank